Air Ventilation Systems

Integrated ventilation system available in stainless steel or aluminum. Esthetical solution for masonry facade.


Fixing Systems

Custom fabricated systems with high load capacities. Safe and secure fixing, easy to use on site.

[/minti_button]WINDOWS SUPPORT SYSTEMMasonry support

Building envelope

Mecen Group specialises in manufacturing steel and aluminium products such as; panels, angles, different profiles, boards and multiboards, tophats, brackets, channels, flat plates, fixing and support systems, cold-formed sections, hot-rolled sections, metal cladding flashings materials and many more…


CE – marked products

Factory Production Control in Compliance with ISO 1090 in accordance with Construction Product Regulations

Our Values

What makes us different – are our people that embrace solutions and not excuses. We use our tradition as a great power because the aim is to be flexible and adaptable to the new market challenges while keeping the best of the past and seeming immobile.

Safety in construction

Quality assurance in welding operations according to ISO 3834

Our standards

First of all – to work with the Bests. We believe that working together means growing together. Mutual respect and understanding is a standard. Thanks to effective collaboration, every day we can create and deliver a better quality into construction world.

We care for the environment

The heat to our manufacturing facilities is provided by Rindipol S.A., company that generates heat and micro-power from biomass. The reasons we joined Rindi is because it has the ability to turn locally produced waste into local usable heat, therefore we are a proud supporter of this local initiative and we are happy to create a better environment together.