Brick Support Tie

Brick Support Tie is a solution for masonry facade when cavities are small or there is a requirement for the cavity to be closed at the support position. System is available in various configurations. All elements can be manufactured to suit indiviual architectural features and wall construction of the project. In order to optimize elements use we offer a design and technical support on any stage of your project. 

Brick Support Tie

System is made from stainless steel and do not require any further corrosion protection.

All additional elements can be manufactured to suit architectural features and wall constructions not covered by the standard range.

System is available in various configurations and ideal to support special masonry features.

We provide you a technical and design support, which helps to optimize element planning and find the most economic solution for the project.

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System suitable for any masonry façade type


Custom made elements

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Cost efficiency

Anti corrosion approved

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