Excellence in design

About our design studio

With a dedicated product design team who pays attention to every detail, you are in safe hands when it comes to construction design.

We are happy to be on hand to help with both detail and construction design, tension and compression calculations, wind and snow loading or any other design advices you may need.

When it comes to design, we seek for excellence

Experienced Team

Design is the first step into construction. On how precise and accurate you undertake it depends the success of the project and this is why we always seek for excellence and precision.

Detailed analysis

Quality in not an accident. It is a result of care, paying attention to details and experience.

Statisfied clients

Strong design knowledge and experience helps us to move a project quickly to the next stage. Having modern manufacturing facilities and resources in place we can quickly put new business requirements into production.

Our design and technical office
are available to provide support
and advice on any stage of your project.

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