Masonry Support System & Lintels

Stainless steel support system for bricks, block or stone cladding on concrete framed structure or steel construction. Manufactured to engineers specifications on a project basis.

Brickwork support brackets

System consist of a stainless steel angle support ledge with a welded brackets. Both angles and brackets are manufactured as one component and can be supplied in a variety of configurations. Mecen’s masonry support it is a dedicated solution and it is designed to suit specific application. Our designers offer help and technical assistance on every stage of your project.

Application – A brickwork facade is a solution for a durable construction with a low maintenance cost.

Aestethic finish – 100% installation inside building

Adjustability – To ensure that building tolerances can be accommodated and contact with the reinforcing bar can be avoided system provides adjustability on two planes.

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Key Benefits

High load capabilities

Designed to accommodate loads up to 14kN/m

Technical help

Advice on strength properties.

Element optimisation

Material content is optimised to ensure the most economic solution is designed. 10% savings on material.

Custom solution

System ready to fix on site. No need for extra cutting or fitting elements.
Factory Production Control in Compliance with PN-EN ISO-1090
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