Regulated Bracket
fixing system

T Bracket Fixing System is an easy to use on site solution that gives a great deal of adjustability. Brackets can be regulated in order to control the external surface distance. It can be used for different types of facades like; stone boards, panels, steel boards, multiboards, etc. High load capabilities allow a wide range of fixed finishes.
T brackets

Regulated T bracket system

Façade sets the tone for the rest of the building and this is why our stainless steel support system is a precise framed structure that fixes any kind of façade.

You can use it for: masonry, stone panels, curtain walling, metallic cladding, tiles, glass and steel or any other panels.

Every fixing system is made a measure for our client’s project. It is designed to suit the specific cavity width and façade load.

The regulation system allows you to set the required distances when fixing the external part of the building. It allows you to control the cavity variations.

See T bracket in use!

Technical information

High load capacities

System can support an unfactored facade load of up to 14kN per bracket.

Universal and adaptable

Universal, adaptable for different types of building façades

Design support

System can be manufactured in different colors. The whole pallet RAL is available.

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