Air Ventilation
Systems – airbrick and overflow

Airbrick and overflow.

Advances in building construction techniques have led to an air ventilation system which is significantly more energy efficient and air-tight than in years past. As a result, moisture is no longer allowed to migrate freely throughout the building envelope.



Airbrick is designed to provide a practical method of venting the air through the perimeter cavity wall construction. It is a quality equvalent to the plastic solutions that is custom fabricated to suit your project needs. Airbrick can be made of aluminium or stainless steel therefore do not require any further corrosion protection.



Overflow helps the escape of liquid from a vessel which is too full. It is an opening part in the side of a basin or other vessel. In addition system provides suitable fitting, through which water can escape into a drain. There are additional adaptors available to ajust or extend the height and lenght of the cavity vents.

Technical information

Custom sizes

We provide a bespoke product, hence dimensions are made specially for your project.


Product made of aluminium or requested kind of steel.

Custom colors

You can choose form the variety of colors that suit your external masonry, the whole RAL pallet is available.

See airbricks and overflows in use

Easy fixing system

We offer a technical advice to set any additional fixing holes for a precise fit, so the product is tailored to the project needs.


Custom elements

There are additional elements available for overflow system. From 30mm up to 100mm diameter. Depending on your project we will help you to find the best solution.

Overflow additional