Metal cutting services, bending, welding.

We are pleased to offer our client a wide range of customised metal fabrication services such as; metal cutting, bending or welding. Those are the basic manufacturing processes we use every day in our production. Therefore the reproducibility and reliability are guaranteed.


Metal bending services

With the maximum load up to 175 tons, length to 3000mm and CNC system meets the high positioning accuracy.

Complex bending shapes

metalwork services



Metal cutting services

Cutting into custom sizes up to 10mm thick and 6000mm long. For more specification please contact our technical department.

Cutting even the hardest metals like Hardox steel Possibilities of 3D cutting

Universality of material cut



Welding services

Dedicated service offered together with the general fabrication and assembly to meet the client’s needs


TIG tungsten inert gas welding

MIG metal-arc inert gas welding

MAG metal-arc active gas welding

Laser welding – method suitable for special needs and high precision

Traditional TIG welding on painted elements with visible weld

Dedicated services

All our services are dedicated. You can send us the technical drawing and we will introduce you the most convenient offer.
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We understand business…

With our experience we can help you cut lead-times, lower cost and create metalwork solution that is truly aligned with your development needs – easy to fix on site, safe and high quality. Do not hesitate to contact us and ask for the offer. Because we care for your business you will get a response within a few hours.

…and we care for it.

We care for your business, and therefore there is no problem to deal with short lead-time or smaller quantities.