Natural stone facade

The appearance and characteristics of natural stone are determined by the manner in which the stone was formed. Each natural stone is exceptionally unique, as there are no two places on earth with the same geological composition nor do they experience precisely the same geological forces. Each piece can drastically differ in density, hardness, porosity and aesthetics. It is important to ensure that the stone considered for use is applicable to the demands of the project and has a good track record for such installations.



Travertine is a form of limestone deposited by mineral springs, especially hot springs. It is uniquely characterised by natural cavities in its surface creating various patterns. Travertine can be cut in a “vein cut” to expose the linear patterns of the natural bedding planes. It can also be cut in a “fleuri cut” or “cross cut,” which exposes a more random and subtle flowery pattern.



It is highly heat, scratch and stain resistant, and therefor commonly used for fireplaces, steps, road and driveway curbing, terraces, and commercial buildings. Granite is the traditional favourite of countertop materials for its unique colours and patterns, proven durability and lasting value. For internal and external applications.


Mecen solely concentrates on the importation and distribution of natural stone. We provide natural stones in blocks, slabs or tiles, specifically tailored to the needs of our customer. Our stone is sourced directly from well renown quarries in the Middle East, allowing us to provide you, our customer with a very competitive price and quality offering.

Natural stone

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Designed by nature…

As the premier construction material, natural stone is held in high regard because it reflects unique character, stability, and grandeur. New automated machinery and processing technology allows stone to be more affordable today then ever before.

…shaped the way you want

Natural stone ages gracefully. Its variations in colour, pattern, and texture are impossible to replicate.